July 23, 2020

Ep 18 - It's A Hornet's Nest

Heidi, Homer and T3 talk Raiders football and also about the hornet's nest that's developed between players and the league this p…

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July 17, 2020

Ep 17 - Back in Action with Heidi Fang

In this light-hearted return from hiatus, the crew covers current Las Vegas Raiders news and welcomes Heidi Fang, host of Vegas N…

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June 13, 2020

Ep 16 - Chopping It Up with Jon Kingdon

Heidi and the boys do a quick overview of Raiders news, important world changes and then chop it up with a special guest. Jon Kin…

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June 5, 2020

Ep 15 - Raiders and NFL Update

Heidi, Homer and T3 update you on the world around the Raiders and the NFL. They get you caught up with the team and a listener m…

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May 28, 2020

Ep 14 - Viva Las Raiders

The show's new lineup is here and they're covering the NFL and the Raiders. T3RaiderFax gives an update on the Rooney Rule and ch…

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May 22, 2020

Ep 13 - T3 Comes Home

Homer and Heidi officially welcome T3RaiderFax onto the show as a permanent host. Together the trio looks at the Rooney Rule, fre…

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May 13, 2020

Ep 12 - 2020 Draft Wrap Up Roundtable

T3RaiderFax joins Heidi and Homer to wrap up the Las Vegas Raiders 2020 NFL draft. From WR Henry Ruggs III to final pick DB Amik …

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April 22, 2020

Ep 11 - Draft Preview Roundtable with T3RaiderFax

T3RaiderFax from the Raider Roots Podcast joins Heidi and Homer for a roundtable discussion before this week's upcoming draft. T…

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April 17, 2020

Ep 10 - The World Has Stopped but the Raiders Keep Spinning

The world has stopped, but the NFL and Raiders keep spinning. Homer and Heidi do a free agency wrap up with a look at Damarious R…

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April 9, 2020

Ep #9 - Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Grab Your Stickers Here!

Heidi and Homer are back to discuss what's going on in Raider Nation. They cover what's been happening in free agency, touch on t…

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March 23, 2020

Ep #8 - Heidi Kicks Homer's A**

Heidi and Homer are back on the mic, but this time Heidi kicks Homer's ass over a couple of quarterbacks. We cover the start of F…

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March 13, 2020

Ep #7 - Our Season End Raider Roundup

Homer and Heidi talk shop during the small break between the NFL combine and the start of the new year which ushers in Free Agenc…

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Feb. 25, 2020

Ep #6 - W/ Sports Photographer Karen Bates Medders (Pt 2)

Homer and Heidi complete their interview with sports photographer Karen Bates Medders who shares what it's like to stand on the R…

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Feb. 20, 2020

Ep #5 - W/ Sports Photographer Karen Bates Medders (Pt 1)

Homer and Heidi welcome professional sports photographer Karen Bates Medders who shares what it's like to stand on the Raiders si…

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Feb. 11, 2020

Ep #4 - Introducing Heidi's Heroes

Homer and Heidi are back at it again with the latest news concerning the silver and black, including a Johnathan Abram update, ro…

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Feb. 6, 2020

Ep #3 - TONP LIVE with Raider Mob Boss

Live edition of The Only Nation Podcast with Homer and Heidi. They interview Raider Mob Boss as he chats about Raider Nation bein…

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Feb. 3, 2020

Ep #2 - Mark Davis, Free Agency, and Derek Carr, Oh My!

Heidi and Homer sit down for another chat about Raiders football. The main topics include Mark Davis, free agency and Derek Carr …

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Jan. 22, 2020

Ep #1 - Welcome, Let's Get This Party Started!!!

Debut episode by Raider Homer & KevlarPromDress, two die hard football fans who talk Raiders football. Today they cover Buckner l…

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